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Control the game with your moves.

Play a game while working out. How? You play the game by controlling it with your movements! In each level, there will be a set of workouts that you have to do in order to progress. Each reps you do will be automatically counted with the help of the movement sensors in your smartphone. Get experience after finishing a workout, and compete with your friends!



Don't have two separate devices and want to get fit with minimal preparation? Play our camera cardio game! Here, you are encouraged to move as much as possible with various fun minigames in the game mode! To play, you will only need your phone and a room with ample space to move around.


Play the classic Game Your Fit gamemode! Complete workouts by moving around according to the game with your phone attached onto your upper arm with an armband. Defeat monsters by completing a set of workout and earn experience points to level up! In this game mode, you will train your body by doing body weight workouts instructed on the screen. Don't worry if you are new! Guides and tips are available in the game to make sure you do the workouts correctly!

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  • Android Phone
  • Any device with modern browser (Campaign)
  • Armband (Campaign)
*Internet connection required.


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Download is only available in Google Drive for now. The .apk can be downloaded to an Android device and then installed with trusting it in the installation.