To start playing the game, users would need to pick a level to play.

Later levels will become progressively harder, with more reps and types of workouts.

After picking a level, users will see the reps and the type of exercises in it.

Upon pressing start, you will be given a code that allows you to connect to your phone. To connect, simply open on another device and enter the code.

After connecting your devices, strap in your armband and attach your phone. Make sure to secure it before you start playing.

How to Play

The game will typically start with a jogging section, players have to start jogging to progress in the game. The faster the player runs, the faster the character on the screen will run.

Once the player fills up the bar on the top left, the level will change from one exercise to the other. At the start of the exercise the screen will show the instruction on the current exercise.